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Innovationen vorantreiben

(Kollegen "mitnehmen")

eine Diskussion

Moderation: Petra Häusbauer, Jana Haase

TeilnehmerInnen: Dierk Eichel...






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Eichel, Dierk: Bibcamp 2013 Day 1, IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group

"Another Session spareked a discussion about new technologies in libraries and how to facilitate the inevitable change process so that no librarian is left behind. Again the main motive of resitance was identified as angst. The fear to to loose ones tasks which had been perfected over the decades, for wich one is beeing valued. The fear to change as irrational as it might seem to the restless New Professional must not be underestimated. One interesting solution could be the appointement of an comfort manager to make the change process as smooth as possible for everyone. On the other hand I want to share an off the record qoute: “innovation must hurt”."




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