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Open Innovation in Bibliotheken - KundInnen einbinden

ein Workshop

Moderator: Dierk Eichel

8 TeilnehmerInnen




  • gegenseitige Kurzvorstellung
  • gemeinsame Definition von Innovation
  • gemeinsame Definition von Open
  • gemeinsame Erarbeitung eines möglichen Ablaufs wie Open Innovation in Bibliotheken durchgeführt werden kann 







Innovation im Schnittpunkt von kundInnenorientierter Wünschbarkeit, technischer Realisierbarkeit und wirtschaftlicher Vernunft


was bedeutet Innovation


was bedeutet open


wie Ideen finden


möglicher open Innovation Prozess in Bibliotheken 


Blogs berichten


Eichel, Dierk: Bibcamp 2013 Day 1, IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group

"One of the later sessions adressed the issue of open innovation in the way of an interactive workshop. First the participants together with the moderator defined what the concepts of “innovation” (implement new, different or refine products, services or structures) and “open”(participation of users, non users, potential users, investors, external experts, internal staff as well as openess toward the outcome and thinking outside the box) ment in the context of the library. By adhering to the model of innovation as the intersection of the users desirability, technical feasibility and economic viability a brainstorming followed on how to come up with ideas for innovations in an open way. In the last part of the workshop the participants constructed a conceptual workflow on how to implement an open innovaton process in a library, guided by the moderator as a certified innovation manager. The workflow includes a not to large (10-12) group of people as defined under the “open” definition wich for a not to long period of time (10-20 min.) brainstorm a lot of ideas and then voting for the best ones (3-1) followed by a testing of a simple prototype of the ideas on the intended user group. To conclude: this was one of the most productive sessions on this day do to the demanding workshop concept and an engaged audience."






White Paper Open Innovation

Open Innovation in der Bibliothekswelt – quo vadis?

Open Innovation in Bibliotheken

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Innovation zum Mitmachen: Die Open-Innovation-Kampagnen der ZBW

Open Innovation - Integration der Hochschulen in den Innovationsprozess von Bibliotheken


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